Behind The Scenes at a Total Dance Australia Photoshoot.

Author: Total Dance Australia   Date Posted:10 November 2017 

The opportunity to work with talented young dancers is an awesome gig for anyone who is inspired to follow their dreams.  Throw in gorgeous locations and stunning Sunday Afternoons and you are quick to realise that dreams really do come true.

Our shoots are truly collaborative processes and usually start with an idea or a location for some inspiration. Total Dance Australia provides some great Dancewear and our Total Dance Girls & Boys take over from there.  The images are inspired by how the dancers are feeling or a movement from some on the spot improvisation sessions.

It’s so great to work with people that know how to move so well. Dancers are such hard workers and they are determined to get it just right.

Each one of our Total Dance Girls & Boys have a different way of moving. Some love to jump, while others are able to create stunning poses and lines with their bodies.  It's all about unleashing each dancer's unique personality and translating it to still images.

When working with our youngest Total Dance Girls & Boys, it’s all about having fun and the best photos come when we don’t try to control the situation and just let it happen.


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