Introducing Our Resident Blog Writer Eka

Author: Eka Mastrangelo   Date Posted:3 September 2018 


Hi everyone!!

My name is Eka Mastrangelo and I am an Australian raised dancer, working professionally with Ballet Cymru (Ballet Wales) in the UK ☺

I have been dancing since the age of 4 and am so grateful that I can now call this passion a job. I am also so thankful to be given this opportunity to write for Total Dance Australia – blogging and writing have always been hobbies of mine which helped me articulate plans, goals, thoughts, dreams and sometimes even just the ol’ brain dump!

So… A little bit about me? Well I am 21 years old, half Indian, half Italian and plant based ☺ Alongside now writing this blog and dancing, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science online and by correspondence. I am also a wellness coach with the Healthstyle Emporium – promoting a holistic and healthful approach to living.

All of these projects have brought me so much joy and fulfilment and I am really enjoying my days doing what I love. I’m so excited to write about anything and everything dance related and be a part of the wonderful team at Total Dance Aus – I’m sure this is just the beginning of something magical!

Can’t wait to share this journey with you all! Eka x

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Dance Image Courtesy of Niv Novak @nivnovak

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